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G42-1200 475-1200HK A/R 1.01 V-BAND / V-BAND



Displacement: 2.0L - 7.0L

G Series compressor aero (10 blade) - 109 Lbs/Min compressor flow - 0.90 A/R comp housing - Hose connection comp outlet -Water fittings included (-6an fittings *same as G25) - Stainless steel turbine housings rated up to 950 deg C - 

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  • CFD (computational fluid dynamics) engineered compressor wheel
  • Optimized blade contour with 10 blade count
  • Forged and fully-machined compressor wheel
  • More power and faster boost response
  • Smaller wheel = lower inertia
  • Garrett® G42-1200 available with compact housing and standard housing
  • Garrett® G42-1450 available only with standard housing
  • (A) Fully machined ported shroud to help reduce compressor surge.
  • (B) A fully machined speed sensor port provides racers the option to add a speed sensor. Comparing shaft speed and boost levels on a compressor map will help determine ideal operating conditions to ensure peak power over a wider operating range.
  • (C ) The fully machined pressure port.
  • Sold separately, the Garrett ® G Series speed sensor kits have new part numbers and are not compatible with GT/GTX kits. Easier to install and will not need to be adjusted for length like previous sensors. Simply remove bolt that secures the plug, insert the speed sensor and re-tighten the bolt.
  • Aluminum backplate for reduced weight (GTX42 Steel)
  • Includes (2) -6AN water fittings
  • Center housing to turbine housing Vband connection makes installation easy for installers. (Same Vband as GTX42 / GTX45)
  • GTX and GT turbine housings are not interchangeable
  • Full 360 degree orientation of compressor housing and non wastegated turbine housings
  • An o-ring between the compressor housing and backplate reduces any boost pressure leakage
  • Twin piston rings on both sides of the shaft reduce the likeliness of oil leakage from the center housing to the compressor or turbine stage.
  • A new oil deflector redirects oil away from the compressor stage seals reducing possibility of oil leakage through the seals.
  • 10mm ceramic dual ball bearing cartridge (Same as GTX42)
  • The turbine wheel features all new aerodynamics to improve flow and boost response.
  • Inconel super alloy construction for temperatures up to 950C
  • New turbine wheel flows 10% more and has peak efficiency of 77% (Compared to GTX42 at 74% with 1.01A/R)
  • 82mm inducer / 75mm exducer 84 Trim
  • G42 turbine housings are made from stainless steel to provide ultimate durability and temperature capability up 950 deg C degrees | 1742 deg F
  • B&C qualified
  • GTX and GT housings not interchangeable.
  • Turbine housings are available in V-band, open, free float configurations for launch
  • V-band inlet is 3.6 inch / 92mm ( compared to GTX30/35 3 inch / 76mm
  • V-band outlet is 4.3 inch / 109mm